With Balibart My Shop, you pay nothing upfront. No need to pay for a subscription fee or a stock of products in advance – you’re here to make money! With each sale, your account is automatically credited. We will never ask you to spend from your pocket.

You are free to set your prices off of baselines that include product management, printing, and packaging. It’s up to you to decide the revenue you want to earn in advance. If you make a sale, you are credited your chosen margin. If you sell nothing (which won’t happen!), you lose nothing at all. It’s all to your benefit!

Take, for example, a 100% organic cotton crew-neck t-shirt – the baseline cost proposed by Balibart is $15, all taxes included. If you want to profit $10 for each t-shirt sold, the product will be sold for $25, all taxes included, on your shop. You can equally choose to profit $5 or $30…that’s for you to decide! The respective retail prices would then be $20 and $45.

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