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For each purchase, we print and manufacture the products in our workshop and send it directly to your customer

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Your account automatically receives the profit margin that you established for each unit sold. You can ask for a payment anytime

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Art prints



Tote bags


We know it’s necessary to satisfy every client, without exception. That’s why we choose to work exclusively with the highest quality products to display your art. In order to keep your customers happy and respect your image, quality is key. You won’t have to worry about customers who are unsatisfied with their orders, and if a client wants to exchange their purchase, we take care of it free of charge.


How much does it cost?

Nothing! You’ll only make money. Our service is 100% free, allowing you to focus on what you do best: create. You will never have to worry about printing, stocking, or shipping.

It’s a winner in all aspects: no registration fee and no risk because every item is made to order. A welcomed, supplemental income is truly a novelty in our community – very excited to order some customized products and support the movement!
— French Tech
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