Wall Decorations

Since the beginning, Balibart put an emphasis on quality. We produce all our prints in France and offer various finishing options allowing customers to receive the work ready to hang on their wall or ready to be gifted.


Classic Art Prints

Our prints are printed on Fine Art paper and made in our French studios that frequently work with art galleries. Our studios use 12-pigment inkjet printing which creates the most graphic rendering of your designs allowing for the most impeccable quality of tones and colors.

Prints are available in the following dimensions:

30x45 / 40x60 / 60x90 / 80x120 – base price at 15€ (taxes included)

Magnetic Print Frames

Our wooden sticks act as a vice for your prints, allowing you to frame your works with the help of powerful magnets. The sticks offer an interesting and original way for customers to hang your work in their homes. While also inexpensive, these magnetic print frames create a minimalistic, streamlined aesthetic without the constraint of maneuvering a bulky frame. Our customers receive four rods (two for the top edge of the print, and two for the bottom). We also offer the sticks in various sizes to adapt to the format of your prints.

Aluminium Prints

Prints on aluminum use a technique of flat printing which reproduces the image directly onto the aluminum plate. The aluminum is an incredibly light weight and durable way to display the art. To hang the print on the wall, a hook is attached to the back which allows the work to breath leaving a slight space between the aluminum and the wall. With aluminum prints you can appreciate the art forever since it can’t be altered by the sun, nor by fingerprints or any contact.

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